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The place or route within a site where playback media are experienced. See Attractions.

audio description

.mp3 files. The audio equivalent of SRT files for text captions. .wav files are not currently supported.


Text or audio overlays to a movie or series of images, describing or transcribing what is displayed.

StackCaptioning Client

Runs on Android client devices to play captions when triggered.

StackCaptioning Manager

PC/server app that configures the captioning system and syncs the client devices. Contains all settings and assets for captioned sites.

StackCaptioning Trigger

App on each server used in an attraction that sends UDP messages to client devices to play an SRT file or an .mp3 audio description.

client (playback) devices

Android devices carried through an attraction that play the audio/visual captions.

custom HTML

A basic HTML file that adds CSS capability to enhance the appearance of basic SRT content.


Offset when a caption starts, for better syncing with content.


A tool in the captioning app to scroll through and read captions, or play an .mp3 file. See Attractions.


Part of an attraction, a scene may be a movie or series of images that requires associated captions in an SRT file, or audio description file. See Scenes.


Delta Media Server playing the media show within an attraction on a site.

show (Delta)

Movie or series of images for a scene or subscene.


The top-level named location with which one or more attractions are associated.

SRT file (SubRip Subtitles)

Text files that contain subtitle information, which includes the sequential number of subtitles, start and end timecode, and subtitle text. See SRT (SubRip Subtitles) Files. Files are triggered to play per scene or subscene.


The web interface to Delta servers and the Captioning application.


A scene can be divided into two or more subscenes, each of which can trigger a different captions playback. See Subscenes.

sync (client devices)

Upload the required captions for a named attraction from the StackCaptioning Manager to a client device ready to be triggered for playback. See Sync Client Devices.


Message sent from a server to a client device. to play the correct captions in sync with the movie or image sequence.