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M137-2 Stack Closed Captioning User Guide_for HM_img1StackCaptioning is an optional module in the Stack web interface, which provides automatic audio and/or visual captioning for rides and attractions, on Android devices: tablets, smart glasses, or similar mobile devices. The Client app works on any Android device, and is backwards compatible to Android 4.0.X. Supported Epson glasses are: BT-200, BT-300, BT-350 (BT-100 is not supported).

The Stack web interface is an installed part of the DeltaServer and DeltaGUI installation, and two parts of the Closed Captioning system are added to it:

StackCaptioning Manager is a browser-based application for setting up a site, with multiple attractions, each of which has a series of staged scenes (and/or Subscenes) bearing the caption resources. It is installed either on a Delta server, or a separate control PC.

StackCaptioning Trigger is the app which is UDP-linked to a Delta show timeline to start the sequential scene captions on the mobile devices. It is installed on each Delta server in the network delivering the show.

The third element is StackCaptioning Client, an app supplied by 7thSense that is installed on each mobile device, which downloads and plays caption resources when triggered by the Delta server show.

Scenes are defined by timeline position, but caption sources can also be offset.


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