SRT (SubRip Subtitles) Files

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SRT (SubRip Subtitles) Files

Your content for captions can be created from video transcripts, or in readily available CC software. It is in a standard text-file format, for which there are standard best-practice guidelines, and they can be easily edited.

Syntax notes

The first line cannot be blank; begin the caption sequences from line 1 or the file may be mis-read.

The file must end with a new line, not end on the last text character.

The final caption must be followed by a blank line.

For each caption, the first line is the caption number, the second is the start and end times along the movie timeline in the format: hours:minutes:seconds,milliseconds. The following lines will be displayed as the caption, as text, a hyperlink, or to play an audio file.

Captions are separated by a single empty line. The format and syntax of SRT files is strict, so if captions are not working as expected, first check these are correct throughout.


00:00:01,000 --> 00:00:04,074

Subtitles will appear automatically throughout this show.



00:00:34,451 --> 00:00:36,744

This is Berk.



00:00:36,912 --> 00:00:41,290

It's twelve days north of hopeless and a

few degrees south of freezing to death.



00:00:41,458 --> 00:00:45,211

It's located solidly

on the meridian of misery.


Line breaks in the caption text will be represented in the device display. Longer lines will wrap within the device screen width.

Caption text in the SRT file is formatted for device browser display by an internal HTML file. This is a built-in default, without which the SRT would not display, but one of the Scene resources you can upload is your own custom HTML, which has required elements. This will overwrite the default.

Editing and updating captions

To edit SRT files, go back to the original source file, then in Site > Attraction > Scene delete the file and reselect the edited version. You will then need to resync all the Android devices that carry the revised captions.

Styling Captions