Subscenes (Options)

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Subscenes (Options)

Adding a Subscene breaks a Scene down into optional Scenes at this position in the Attraction’s sequence. For example, you can have three Scenes, with Scene 2 offering one of two or three alternatives.


Split a Scene into a number of Subscenes with the + button

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(Note: Prior to Manager 1.0.13, Subscenes had to be added one at a time.)

How it might work

Where participants in a ride can ‘vote’ for what happens next, the correct caption sequences must follow. The ‘vote’ sends a sequence to the Delta show timeline, perhaps to enable one movie or layer and disable others. The enabled timeline must therefore be given a UDP command to send back to the StackCaptioning Trigger, which starts the correct Subscene captions on the StackCaptioning Client devices. See Serial Events Controls Syntax.

When the first Subscene is added, the Scene is split into two Subscenes, which inherit the Scene name. Adding another creates a third, and so on. The original Scene is not a ‘parent’ other than in providing the Trigger IP address.

When you populate a Scene without additional Subscenes, you are in fact populating Subscene 1, so additional Subscenes are populated in exactly the same way as a Scene.

Note: To see Subscene changes, you may need to press F5 to refresh the browser page.