StackCaptioning Manager: Configure your Site

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StackCaptioning Manager: Configure your Site

Open a web browser on the PC or server where you are configuring your captioning with StackCaptioning Manager. Type localhost into the address bar to open the Stack web interface to Delta. The default password and username are both ‘admin’, unless changed to your own.

Choose ‘Configure’, then ‘Add-ons’ to find StackCaptioning Manager. Click the URL on the right.

You might also want to bookmark this URL http://localhost/app/ccm/ in your browser.

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You are now in the StackCaptioning Manager module.

Here you will:

Create a Site

Create the Attractions that may use the mobile devices

For each Attraction, create the scenes and subscenes that contain the caption information.

Plan out your structure first, so you get everything in order, and make sure you have the captioning data.

Important: Site Backup

All the content you create will be saved in C:\7thSense\web\data\app\ccm\data. Copy the whole of this folder to keep a backup of all your StackCaptioning sites.