Test Patterns

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Test Patterns

In addition to the Pixel Grid (main toolbar button) or warping grids, test patterns are available to make alignment and adjustment easier when configuring any display mode.


Test Pattern




Resource display

Shows the resource(s) that are applied to the timeline at the set time


3D test pattern

A set of 15 degree black and white boxes in a sphere


2D test pattern

This is a vertical or horizontal grill of one pixel off / one pixel on which fills the screen

Black Field

Full black output


White Field

Peak white output


Auto Align


50% drive level field


Spherical Dots

3D test pattern

A spherical grid of dots, in which the size of the box and dot size is configurable


3D test pattern

A spherical grid of lines, in which the size of the box and dot size is configurable


3D test pattern

A spherical set of grey bars. You can choose the orientation from 4 settings


Black / White pattern

When playing, alternately flashes white / black to allow genlock checking across channels

Photo-epilepsy Warning

This test pattern displays rapidly flashing black and white screens (frequency: 10% of the frame rate), and may cause seizures in the very small minority of people who are susceptible to photo-epilepsy. Do not display in an auditorium without issuing this warning.

Colour Bars

2D test pattern

SMPTE standard colours