Part 2: DeltaGUI Software

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Part 2: DeltaGUI Software

For Server Control

DeltaGUI is above all the server coordinator, connecting to and communicating with all Delta servers on the network. It is not required to play a show, since DeltaServer itself can be controlled from many external control inputs, as well as a browser-based preview facility and a customisable web-based control interface for interacting dynamically with shows.

For Display Configuration

The Delta Graphical User Interface is the editing heart of the system. Here is where you set up your display or projection theatre for all your projection, screens, sound and effects peripherals. Alignment, colour convergence, warps, blends and meshes are all applied here.

These adjustments and calibration parameters for flat and curved screens, domes and mappings, can then be applied to any media show for perfect, immediate delivery.

Alignment and blending for each mode: Flat plane, Dome and Mesh are described in more detail in separate guides. To optimise performance, movie media may also require ‘carving’, i.e. each frame cropped down to only the area required for a particular channel.

As Show Editor

DeltaGUI is also the resource editor: layering, sizing and manipulating media to create complex shows on multiple timelines. It coordinates and synchronises all events, including live sources. Modified resources, such as applied geometry, blends, colours, captures, playlists and animations, can be saved and reused, and there is a macro language for creating repeat-use sequences.