Debug Sequences

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Debug Sequences

Select the Debugging checkbox (bottom right) to show the Watch and Trace windows (right) on the sequence editor. These will show in all the sequence tabs:

In the sequence above, the Tracecomment command sends any text to the Trace window, the Tracevar command sends the value of the $myipaddress global variable and the watchvar command sets the $count global variable to be shown in the Watched Global Vars window.

Debugging Commands

Clear the trace messages window

Output a list of global variables to the trace messages window, optionally only the Watched variables

Turn on tracing

Turn off tracing

Trace the current sequence name to the trace window

Tracenoncode [off/on]
Show every active line of the sequence (not including code lines) in the trace window

Clear the watched variables

Watchvar $variablename [off / on]
Turn on or off Watching for this variable

LOG message="[string]" file=[c:/filename.txt] timestamp=[y/n] level=[level]
Log a message. File is optional and can be a relative or absolute path to a file, if no file is given the message will log to the delta log file, the directory must already exist. Optionally timestamp, default is to add timestamp. Optionally record a level, level can be NOTE, WARNING, ERROR, FATAL