Seamless Looping

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Seamless Looping

Looping Media

You can enable Loop on movie and audio resources, allowing you to drag the length of the resource out beyond its natural length. This will provide seamless looping of that media resource. Images and Web Capture resources are inherently loopable anyway.

Movie Seamless Loop Mode

This movie playback mode must be enabled in the registry (Delta/System/DisableSeamlessLoop key = 0). It creates seamless playback of media as well as seamless, smooth transitions from one part of the timeline to another if Goto or Loop controls are present. In addition, external control commands for Gotomarker, Gototime etc., will also transition seamlessly without stopping the timeline as in normal mode.

The difference is shown in this example: Movie 1 is in scope playing, and a Goto control comes into scope which jumps to the start of Movie 2.

Non Seamless Loop
The timeline stops for 1 frame, jumps to Movie 2 and Cues, then Plays (<0.5s delay)

Seamless Loop
The timeline jumps to Movie 2 and plays immediately (no delay).

In Seamless loop mode, there are some things to be aware of. Any timeline control jump (Goto, Loop etc.) is pre-planned during playing the show, but for external control versions (GOTOMARKER, GOTO TIME etc.), there is some delay from an external control command to GOTO a timeline location, while the new seamless transition is initiated. In non-seamless loop mode, these external commands happen immediately, but without a seamless transition.

With seamless looping enabled, the server pre-caches clips that we will be jumping into via a GOTO, a loop or or via an external control command GOTOFRAME.

The amount of time that the server is given to cache ahead is set with the Preroll Frames setting in the Config > Preferences > Timing section.

The minimum duration for video only is 5 frames – for codec or audio we would recommend 100-200 frames, depending on the power of the server.

You cannot loop seamlessly back into the same audio track that is currently playing.

Audio Seamless Joins

When audio media are butted together, for truly seamless joins the following audio clip needs to start on the next clock cycle after the preceding clip ends. This is achieved by cueing the following clip.

This has to be set in the registry (Delta/Hardware/AudioSeamlessJoins key = 1).