Display Configuration Files (XDL files)

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Display Configuration Files (XDL files)

When choosing ‘File > Save As’ you have the option of saving a Display Configuration file (choose this in the ‘Files of Type’ dropdown box). This file contains a subset of the current server’s settings, which relate to the display configuration.

You can load an XDL file at any time onto an existing show. This merges the display configuration in the XDL file with the current timeline contents, which allows you to keep display configuration separate from the show.

An XDL file contains:

Display Settings
Canvas size, active channels, channel sizes, timeline length and framerate, geometric mode, display gamma, beams, geometry and softness enable flags.

Background Geometry
Only those geometries on the background layer are saved in an XDL file.

If present, any blends are saved to the XDL file.

If present, any colour corrections are saved to the XDL file.

Note: an XDL file is merged with the current file. Any existing background resources (warp, blend, colour) present in the first 10 frames of the timeline are deleted, before any of those resources are merged from the XDL. Any of those resource types present after the first 10 frames will not be altered.

Permanent Geometry

You can specify an XDL file which is loaded after any file load so that the display configuration, point distortion and background geometry, blending and colour is maintained across show files even though this is not saved in each show file.

In DeltaGUI menu: Configure > Preferences > System, browse to the XDL file which is to be loaded each time. This is stored in the registry.

With a permanent XDL file defines, the behaviour of this process is on any file load:

Load the Show XML file as normal

Delete any geometry, blends and colour found in frames 0-9 on the background layer

Merge the XDL file

You can also set the XDL file from external control if you want to swap between different permanent geometry setups:

SETDISPLAYCONFIG "C:\program files\7thsense\delta\setup1.xdl"


SETDISPLAYCONFIGALL "C:\program files\7thsense\delta\setup1.xdl"

to set all in that group to the same XDL file.

Note that a popup shows in DeltaGUI to highlight when an XDL is loaded.