Display Configuration: Splines

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Display Configuration: Splines

Spline resources can be applied to any layer, including the background. They comprise a series of Bezier curves along which the top-left (optionally the centre) coordinates of a media resource travels. The motion can be A to B, or ‘Ping-Pong’ A to B to A, and can be set to repeat any number of times. Default splines are supplied, which can be edited and saved back as resources to the pool.

To alter Ping-Pong, repeat count, and advanced timing of each node, edit the resource on the timeline.

Ping Pong
When this is enabled with a repeat count greater than 1, instead of simply repeating the move, starting at the first node again, it will reverse course along the spline until the start, then reverse again, ping-ponging direction.

Repeat Count
By default, this is 1, where the whole length of the spline is travelled over the length of the spline resource on the timeline. With a count of (for example) 4, it will travel 4 times over the spline path in the same length of the spline resource on the timeline.

Spline Properties

In Equal Timed mode, each node is given the same fraction of time allocation as set by the length of the spline resource on the timeline. For example, with 5 nodes, the 5th node will be reached at 100% of the length, the other nodes at 0, 25, 50, and 75%.

In Node Timed mode, you can edit the fraction of time for each node, as long as they all add up to 100%. For example, you can set the 5-node example to 0, 12, 13, 75, 100% so that the 2nd node will be reached after 12% of the resource length, the 3rd node after a further 1% (a quick move), then the 4th takes 75-13 = 62% (a slow move) of the length.

Spline Controls

You can select the spline in the Timeline tab of the resource window, then using the controls in the right panel, add nodes, remove them, move nodes and node controls around, until the shape is as required.

Move a node or node control
(Press the Control key to restrict movement in X or Y)

Add a node to the end or insert a node in the middle of a spline

Delete a node

Move the entire spline

Resize the entire spline

Rotate the entire spline

Toggle a node from symmetric control nodes to separated control nodes

Rubber band selection of a number of nodes
(Press the shift key to add to the selection)

Note you can also zoom in and out using the mouse wheel:

Zoom into the canvas

Zoom out from the canvas

In certain modes (Move, Delete, Toggle Node Type), dragging on an empty part of the canvas allows you to drag the canvas around to navigate more easily.

Draw Onscreen

With this checkbox selected, the spline path will be shown as a tracking line in the playback window when the spline resource is in scope. In addition, parts of the spline to the left of the playhead are shown in yellow, future parts in red so you can see how far through the spline the resource is.

Spline [Configure] Menu

Click the [Configure] button on the splines page for the following menu options:

Reset Spline Location
This will move the spline so that the first node is at 0,0 in order to put it back on the canvas – it does not change the shape of the spline

Limit Spline to Canvas
This will move any node which is off the canvas onto the canvas – note that this will change the spline shape.

Show Node Coordinates
Enables the drawing of the pixel coordinates of all nodes

Show Node Order
Enables the drawing of the node order

Mirror Spline Horizontally / Vertically
Mirror the spline horizontally or vertically

Rotate Spline
Rotate 90 Clockwise, 90 Counter Clockwise or 180 degrees.

Undo / Redo
Pressing Ctrl+Z will Undo and Ctrl-Y will Redo up to the last 20 changes to each spline.

Show VCR Controls
Show the VCR (play) controls and timeline, to enable moving the play head.

Enable or disable snapping points to the grid at preset grid sizes.

[RESET] Button
Resets the view position so that the canvas is shown full screen

Save to Resource Pool
This button in the resource window allows you to alter a spline, then save it to the \Splines folder as a template for future use.

Note that Splines only work in Flat or Mesh mode (not Dome Mode).