Creating Slideshows

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Creating Slideshows

This DeltaGUI wizard can help setup a quick slideshow of audio, images or movies (Wizards > Create Slideshow).

From the initial dialog, choose one or more audio files, images or movies (optionally filter the type using the check boxes in the top right), then click the add (+) button to add them to the list. If you hold Control down while clicking, you can select multiple resources before adding, hold Shift down to select multiple from the first selected resource.

Once in the lower Timeline Resources area, you can select them and remove (again with Control or Shift) by clicking the subtract (–) button. If you want to re arrange the order, select one resource, then click the up or down arrows in the right side to move.

Once the list is complete, press the Next button to move onto the options page.

On this page, select the various options as described below and press Create. The result will be inserted into the requested layer, with each ‘slide’ being automatically faded up and down in turn. These remain separable resources, whose properties can be adjusted – or disrupted if treated casually.



Text Overlay Position

Marker Options

Mesh Options