Using Notch Effects

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Using Notch Effects

Licensed users of Notch visual effects can build their own effects, or use predefined Notch effects.

For the Notch file to be interpreted by DeltaServer, Notch Playback (or Builder) and an appropriate Notch key and driver are required to be installed on the Delta Media Server. Without this, Notch Effects resources cannot be processed.

When compiling a Notch Block for media server, create a 64-bit target, unless specifically requiring 32 bit. The Notch designer must expose those parameters that the player will want to manipulate, so that they appear in DeltaGUI as available (see illustration below).

These Notch Blocks are saved as DFXDLL files, which should be copied to the C:\Effects\Notch folder.

Notch effects files will now appear in the Effects resource area under their file names, when the list is refreshed. The refresh action creates the required Delta XML file. As with all effects, the DFXDLL and XML files must remain in the same location.

Note how here the /Notch Layer parameter stays visible at the top of the parameter stack, so that Notch layers can be selected and their parameters dynamically changed.


The additional load placed on a media server will depend on the complexity of the Notch effect and the framerate being used.