RS232 or Telnet Serial Events

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RS232 or Telnet Serial Events

A serial event can be output to any IP address and port instead of an RS232 COM port by including the following XML snippet (shown in red, note, this is case sensitive) in the serial event file:








You can type in any default IP Address and port.

When the Telnet section is found in a serial event file, it is no longer available in the COM port list (Configure > Preferences > Communications), and when you edit the properties, the IP Address and port are shown on the Timeline tab. The serial event is sent out as a UDP packet to the specified address.

Repeat Frames
Enable Repeat and this value sets the frame interval between repeated instances of this serial event.

Repeat Count
Enable Repeat and this value sets the number of times this event will be repeated (1 = repeat once more on timeline).

Add Frame
Enable this to append the current frame to any string output by this serial event