Resource Layout

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Resource Layout

Choose View > Resource Layout from the menu to access this window which shows a 2D basic representation of the Flat canvas and resources, enabling you to move and resize visual resources (Movies, Images, Text and Video capture) directly on the canvas.

Note that this only works in Flat modes (including Mesh Mode), not Dome mode.

Drag resources from the resource pool on the left onto the canvas. Resources are initially full-screen by default, so click the maximize / windowed button to allow resizing and moving.

Click the Enable tick-mark in each window’s top right corner to enable or disable that resource.


Choose Enabled to only show enabled resources.

Choose In Scope to only show those resources which are visible at the current timeline time.

Choose Selected to only show one resource at a time in the layout window so that you can work with overlapping resources – simply choose the resource from the left resource window, then you can move that single resource. The resource will also be Outlined automatically once selected, and all others deselected for outlining.

Configure (Menu)

Draw resources as Solid
If disabled, the resource windows become see-through, allowing you to move a resource which is on a lower layer.

Draw resource details
Show the resource layer, coordinates within the resource window

Draw resource controls
Show the enable / maximize control in each resource window.

Show VCR Controls
Show the VCR controls to enable moving the play head.

Enable or disable snapping points to the grid.

RESET Button
Resets the view so that the canvas is shown full screen.

Sizing and Zoom Control

Aspect ratio
When resizing, hold the Shift key down to lock the resource to its original aspect ratio.

Grid snap
When moving or resizing with the grid on, press the Ctrl key to temporarily ignore the snap function.

The mouse wheel will zoom in / out about the cursor within the layout window.


Enabling a movie while playing may not work, depending on the disk system.

The position the canvas as shown may not represent the true position as seen in the server playback window, since other resources (geometry, spline, transform animator) can override the position set within the resource.

Once a resource is selected, also move it with the arrow keys, and press Control while using the arrow keys to move by 10 pixels a time.