Global Playlist Resource Overrides

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Global Playlist Resource Overrides

It is also possible to override all child resources by right clicking on the Playlist itself and choosing General Override Properties.

In the image above, the Playlist item overrides are shown, with a 44 s duration and fade up of 1 s. All child resources are shown green with 44 s* to show they are overridden.

Note that the 22s override previously set on the single child resource is overridden by the global playlist parent resource to 44s.

Other controls specific to Playlist level overrides:

Fade Up / Fade Down
Set the time in seconds for the child resources to fade up and down

Cross Fade
Instead of fade up/down to black, start playing the next item while the existing one is playing and fade the current one down, achieving a cross fade between the items.
Note that if the two adjacent resources are movies, you are requesting double the bandwidth from the server during the crossfade time, which may impact performance.

More Detail

In addition to overriding duration etc., on the dialog above, you can override many other things such as screen location, colour and more. To set these override values, right click on the Playlist item (from timeline or the playlist editor) and choose Resource Override Properties. This shows the common resource editing dialog pages as shown below, but with the addition of an Override Children checkbox in the lower left corner of each page.

In the example shown, the playlist screen location is set to X,Y 0,0 and 1920 × 1200 in size.

With the Override Children checkbox selected, all visual child resources will be forced to this size. All Override Children checkboxes are also shown on the right side of the Edit Overrides dialog for a quick way to enable them.