Individual Child Resource Overrides

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Individual Child Resource Overrides

You can edit each resource and change this length by double clicking or right clicking to choose General Override Properties for that child resource. In the image below, the pomegranate-30 movie is shown overridden to 22s instead of its native 30s length. In the main playlist editor, this is shown in green as 22s* to indicate it is overridden from native properties.

Note that audio and video will be seamlessly looped if necessary to meet the set duration.

Also on this dialog, you can override the play mode from its default of playing once before moving onto the next item. Other modes available are:

Play N Times
Choose to play a set number of times before moving on

Repeat Until Triggered
Continually loop this child until a trigger is received from external control (PLAYLISTNEXT with or without Immediate) or using the Advance or Advance At End of Clip buttons. This will also transition with any set fades.

Force No Loop
Play this item once only and then show black until triggered

Other items on that dialog are:

Start from last item played
When the playhead plays into the playlist, choose to always play the first item or the last one played by that playlist.

Audio Visual Offset (AV Assembly only)
Offset the audio from the video in an AV Assembly (see below) in seconds, this can be negative as well.

Set Timing from Longest Audio File (AV Assembly)
For an AV Assembly only, choose the length of the AV Assembly from the longest audio resource instead of the default movie length.

Sync to Master / Control Name
Slave only, in order to sync up a playlist on master and slave servers, with this set, will trigger the same items on both servers at the same time. This requires the external control name of the slave playlist to be the same as that on the master. If the items are not the same, so some are missing on the slave compared to the master, black will be shown on the slave.