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New (Ctrl+N)
show the File New dialog, which offers clearing the timeline resources from the selected server, all servers in the current group, or all servers attached to the DeltaGUI. You can also optionally reset display configuration to flatplane and clear background resources, and optionally stop persistant sequences from running.

Open (Ctrl+O)
open a show file that is stored on the server. Note that non-persistent sequences will be stopped.

When saving shows, they must not be running.

Save (Ctrl+S)
save the current show file to the selected server.
There is no dialog box for this: if the show xml file is previously unsaved, it will be saved as Default.xml and overwrite any show previously saved to this name.
(Default.xml is not the same ‘default’ as the default startup show file: see Save As below.)
If previously named, it will be saved with the same name with which it was opened.

Save As
prompt for a filename, then save a show file to the selected server. The dialog box allows a show to be allocated as your default startup file (see also Startup and File Load Configuration).

open a show file that is stored on the server, and merge it with the current timeline contents.

Open Locally
open a show file that is stored on the DeltaGUI PC. Note that a subsequent File Save will save on the server.

Save As Locally
prompt for a filename on the DeltaGUI PC, and save the current show file to the DeltaGUI PC.

Save All As Locally
prompt for a filename, then save shows from all servers in the current group into separate folders under the chosen folder.
For example, with 2 servers in the group, choosing C:\backups\myfile4.xml as a save file will create file/folders like this:
In this way, even with the same filename, any differences on each server are maintained in their own folders.

Open All
shows the File Open dialog, where you can choose whether to load a show with this name on the selected group or all servers attached to the server. Note that if the file does not exist, no changes will be made to that server.

Merge All
same as the Open All dialog, but resources will be merged with the existing timeline contents on the group or all servers.

Save All
shows the Save All dialog, where you can choose to save on the selected group or all attached servers. You can also optionally stop persistent sequences from running.

Save All As
same as the Save All dialog, where you can choose to save with the same name to the selected group or all attached servers.

Note that on all of: File Open, Save As, Open All and Save All As, you can also choose to set the named show file as the Default File so that this file will load when the server is next booted.

About Merging

When one file is open, another can be opened to merge with it. Resources are merged according to their Timeline and Layer. Timelines that are inactive in the first file will remain inactive, though populated by resources from a merged file. Use Ctrl+T to figure timeline activity.


Items on this menu are universal shortcut keys for use when timeline editing (Copy, Paste, Undo etc.)


Windowed / Fullscreen
displays the Server Playback window in restored size or full screen (the same as pressing F directly in the playback window).

Reserve Mode (Ctrl+R)
fade from active timeline to the reserve timeline, or back to the selected timeline.

Apply Show Mode
in one operation, configure the server to be ready for an audience. Selecting this option applies the following immediately:
Playback goes full screen
Graph, Playback Statistics and Grid are turned off
Test patterns are turned off
Geometry, Edge Blending and all Beams are turned on
Channel mode is selected if in Dome (Frustum) mode


View the list of connected servers, display switches (same as the Switches menu), and copy Timelines to other servers. Save Group as TGA copies the playback window as an image, and View (Delta) Web Service opens in the default browser on the DeltaGUI PC.


Control what you need to see on DeltaGUI, but usefully, global views of resources available and in use.

Encrypted Movies

For handling content-protected (encrypted) movies, see the separate Delta Content Protection System Guide.


Wizards to help create stereo and slide shows and import (ingest) resources up to 200 Mb per file. Your User Licence code as provided by your supplier can also be ingested here.


For preferences configuration see ‘Setting DeltaGUI Preferences’.


About GUI
shows the licence details and options.

links to the user guide PDF.

Shortcut Keys
shows a summary of shortcut keys in DeltaGUI.

Server Connections
shows a summary of all connection attempts by servers to this GUI.

External Control
launches a web browser, showing the external control / sequence help file located on the server, or if found locally on the DeltaGUI PC, from there.

Command Line Switches
shows a summary of the available switches you can use when running the server application to alter its behaviour, such as forcing the server to start fullscreen or as a master server:

Affects this run only
-minimized : show the server dialog and playback window minimized
-minimizedialog : miminize the server dialog only in startup
-fullscreen : make the playback window fullscreen
-delay n : Delay the server startup for n seconds
-nopool : Do not look for resources on disk at startup
Changes are also stored for next run
-master : Change the current mode to master
-slave : Change the current mode to slave
-group n : Change the current group to n
-smpte_on : Enable the SMPTE tracking
-smpte_off : Disable the SMPTE tracking