Delta User Guide: Welcome

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Delta User Guide: Welcome

Delta Media Servers: the hardware that provide optimised superfast delivery of uncompressed video and audio across multiple synchronised devices to any number of output channels.

Part 1: DeltaServer Software

DeltaServer: the playback server software with comprehensive integration to external show control devices and a limited user interface. DeltaServer serves its shows into the Playback Window, which is usually shown full screen during playback.

Part 2: DeltaGUI Software

DeltaGUI: the graphical user interface with full editing capabilities. DeltaGUI allows full control over the display environment parameters, for multichannel, flat, curved, dome or mapped projection surfaces.

Part 3: DeltaOffline

DeltaOffline: this is a dongle licence-limited edition of the full DeltaServer and DeltaGUI software, designed for offline use by show creators on a PC rather than a Delta Media Server. Anything created in DeltaOffline can be played back without limitations on a full Delta licence with Delta Media Servers.

Getting Help: Learning Delta

This guide covers the functionality of Delta Media Servers, using the DeltaGUI display setup, and creating shows from mixed media, multiple effects, and controls. The version described and illustrated here is Delta 2.5, but most of the principles are just the same as Delta 2.4.

From DeltaGUI Help menu:

opens the eBook guide installed with your software.

Online Help
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