Server Connections

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Server Connections

Individual Delta servers are assigned to a Group in the server Preferences menu:

DeltaGUI tries to connect automatically to all servers in the network, but individual server groups can be blocked. This is done in the Configure > Preferences > Communication dialog to [Block Groups] so that DeltaGUI will refuse connections from certain groups.

(See also Communication Configuration.)

You can view what servers are attempting to connect to this GUI, by choosing the Help > Server Connections option from the DeltaGUI menu.

This example dialog shows 5 servers:

Four have mismatched server versions, but the server at has been accepted as not blocked and is the correct version.

You can clear this list by pressing the Clear button – note that the list will now only show servers which attempt to connect from then on – previously connected servers will not show up.

Shown below is a graphical view of all blocked or active groups, with attached or blocked servers and the reason for blocking (blocked or mismatched versions):

Clicking on any of the groups will select that group in DeltaGUI.

If ‘Group’ flashes red

If you are using a group of servers, there should always be a Master server with the others set to Slave.

If the Group flashes red (as below), there are other servers attached to the group which may not actually belong to it (i.e. not in a master/slave configuration): individual and groups of servers should always be given their own group in the server software.