Serial Events

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Serial Events

Serial Event files have the extension 7SE. These are shown using the DeltaGUI. These are stored in the SERIALEVENTS folder, and can be grouped into subfolders as required, although these groups do not show up in the DeltaGUI. Serial Event controls (if any) are also stored in each show file you save.

Com ports are configured in the Preferences dialog, see the relevant section below.


External Control is a built-in serial event device. You can output any string on the external control com port or Telnet, e.g. to notify the controller that a specific point on the timeline has been reached.

If you create a file named ‘External Control.7SE’ in the SERIALEVENTS folder, the contents of this will be available when adding an external control event to the timeline. This allows standard external control commands to be available. The format of this file is the same as other serial event 7SE files.

Serial Events can be set to repeat for a number of counts and at a set frame interval.

Telnet Serial Events

A Serial Event can be output to a specific IP Address and port.

Serial Events