Common Controls to Input and Output

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Common Controls to Input and Output

Create Copy
Copy the current selected resource to a new one.

Remove all sliders from the selected resource.

Create New
Create a new blank device.

Add Slider
Add one slider (will be added after the last active channel).

Add Multiple
Add multiple sliders at a set base channel.

Arrow Buttons
Navigate to the next, previous, first or last slider.

Delete (Resource)
Delete the selected resource on the timeline or resource pool. Note that you cannot delete the built-in pool resources (Demo ArtNet or Blank ArtNet) and that deleting the others permanently removes them from the server (from the C:\ArtNet folder).

Note that editing an Output ArtNet resource from the timeline (using the normal resource editor) gives a cut down version of this dialog where you can change most parameters apart from Channel, Channel Count and you cannot add or remove sliders from this dialog.