Configuration Defaults

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Configuration Defaults

This dialog allows the server to be set in Show Mode (or partially in Show Mode) where certain parameters from a show XML are ignored.

This allows, for example, a server to always override the XML settings for grid, beams, geometry to ensure that these are always turned to the most suitable setting for a show, so that the audience never sees the grid and the beams are always forced on.

Pressing the Apply Show Mode defaults turns on all of the options, Standard Defaults turns them off.

In addition, if the Automatic Framerate is not checked, you can force the default framerate when File New is chosen instead of having the server guess the framerate from the refresh rate.

Load SMPTE from File – the state of SMPTE slaving when the file is saved is ignored unless this box is checked.

Global Audio Offset (frames)
offset all audio files on the timeline by this amount of frames (positive or negative) in order to easily fix lipsync problems if all audio is mismatched by the same amount. This could also be achieved by moving each audio file on the timeline.

Use Dynamic Image Loading
With this option off, Delta will load all still image files into RAM when a show is loaded for instant access when scrubbing on the timeline or during playback. If the total amount of RAM used by the show exceeds physical RAM in the server, this option will fail to load all images.

With this option on, all images are not loaded into RAM, but streamed as they come into scope on the timeline, so that they appear on the correct frame as normal. When scrubbing around on the timeline (not playback), there may be a short delay before they appear due to this option.

Fix Off Size Movie Playback
For legacy graphics drivers, tick this to improve performance when the movie width is not evenly divisible by 4.