Scalable Display Manager™: Calibrating a Spherical Dome

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Scalable Display Manager™: Calibrating a Spherical Dome

Please consult the Scalable Display Manager User Manual for full details. This is our summary procedure for use with Dome display in Delta.

Follow these steps in sequence to create the autoalignment calibration data that Delta requires from Scalable Display Manager.

First check (bottom left of the Display Manager screen) that the camera is connected.

Click to expand text1. Display Clients Tab

Click to expand text2. Projectors Tab

Click to expand text3. Cameras Tab

Click to expand text4. Collect Data

Click to expand text5. Screens Tab

Click to expand text6. Image Boundary Tab

Click to expand text7. Update Calibration

Click to expand text8. Perspective Tab

Click to expand text8. Calibration or Recalibration?