Resource Editor: Text

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Resource Editor: Text

The text resource allows you to place simple titling onto the show. You can adjust the font used, size and colour of the text, as well as previously mentioned items such as animation, screen location, opacity etc.

Special Text Resources


This text resource shows the frame or Timecode of the timeline (select which, from the display option). In the Text tab, format the Font face, size and colour. In the Screen Location tab, position the text on the screen. Count options are relative to the timeline, or position of the text resource, are as below for Movie Timecode, which simply refers to a named resource, rather than the timeline as a whole.

Movie Timecode

This text resource shows the current frame of the referenced movie:

Movie Ext Ctrl Name
Copy the External Control Name from the Required Movie’s Properties > General tab.

Display Option
Disk Frames: used for 7th or tga movies, displays the movie location and current frame title
Frames: for any movie format, the current frame number
TC: the Timecode for the current frame

Countdown to resource end
Number of frames, or time, remaining

Rate adjusted count from text start
Current, or remaining frames or time, from the start of the Movie Timecode text resource, rather than the timeline or resource start.