Mesh Setup Basic Sequence

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Mesh Setup Basic Sequence


You have a theatre set up with projectors and display canvas / objects.

You have .obj mesh files that cover every part of your display.

You have media that is either for flat projection, or is UV-mapped to the mesh, for textured mode.

Sequence in DeltaGUI

1.Check your canvas size and render settings : Display > Mesh Mode > Mesh Canvas

2.Set your active channels : Display > Mesh Mode > Channel, and

3.use the Defaults Wizard to distribute your virtual projectors.

4.Add your mesh files : Display > Mesh Mode > Mesh > Mesh Files

5.Set your parameters for each required eyepoint (not required for UV-mapped media in textured mode) : Display > Mesh Mode > Mesh > Eyepoint Files > Eyepoint Details + Parameters (see Setting an Eyepoint in Delta), and

6.assign eyepoints to the meshes where they are to be used.

7.Set your eyepoint mode to ‘Use Texture Coordinates’ (not required for flat media in projected mode) : Display > Mesh Mode > Mesh > Eyepoint Files > Eyepoint Details

8.Use 3D Projector Calibration with any timeline media disabled and full grid display on, for each channel to select and align each required mesh, with the projectors and real-life canvas. For this stage, keep all channels active, but turn beams off except for the channel being aligned.

9.Apply (or enable) timeline media and view for where correction and adjustment is needed.

10.Edit the mesh, apply channel distortion, or media warps to correct for real-life canvas, and minor .obj or media errors.