RS422 Transport Controls

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RS422 Transport Controls

(for outputting to an external LTC device)

In order for Delta to have some control over the external LTC device, configure a comport to have the following parameters in Configure > Preferences > Communication:

COM: 38400, Odd Parity, 8 Data bits, 1 Stop bit, set to Transport Control

Connect this COM port to the external LTC device input via an RS422 converter like this:

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Now, when you enable SMPTE tracking by pressing the DeltaGUI SMPTE button, the transport controls remain, and when you play, stop / drag the slider, you are communicating to the external LTC controller via Sony Protocol commands.

Example Devices

RS232 – RS422

Moxa™; Transio TCC-100; Sony™

MTC Input

M-Audio™; MidiMan

External LTC Device

CB Electronics™; P2MMC


PCIe-TC LTC Reader card