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This dialog page allows the user interface to be customised:

Resource Window Columns
In the resource window (left side of DeltaGUI), you can have optional columns showing the drive letter, extra information such as image size or audio format or which timeline a resource is on for timeline resources.

Active timeline Indicators
The timeline play and autoplay indicators in the bottom status bar default to being simply LED indicators – if you enable this checkbox, those LEDs become toggle switches to play/stop each timeline or autoplay state.

Saves this server's current file at the specified interval (if not playing a show).

GUI Startup password
Type in a password which will be requested any time DeltaGUI is started. Note that this password is stored in plain text in the registry

Intelligent resources
If enabled, a set of behaviours is added which help minimise time to create a show: These are only used when you add a new resource to the timeline, they do not affect existing resources on the timeline.


Media Format (Mono Audio Files)

Display Mode

Automatic Parameter

Image or Movie

Square and 1500 x1500 or larger

or Square and has ‘fisheye’ in filename

Dome (Frustum)

Fisheye mapping

Image or Movie

Aspect ratio > 2.5 and width >=1500

or Aspect ratio > 2.5 and has ‘panoramic’ in filename

Dome (Frustum)


Back Surface Projection

If the projectors are on the outside of the dome and the software is set to draw on the back surface, in Dome mode, visual resources will be placed on Mirrored horizontally

Dome (Frustum)


Image or Movie

Filename has _L or _left on the end

Filename has _R or _right on the end


Left eye

Right eye


Mono audio and filename is or ends in:

L or left or 1 or ch1

R or Right or 2 or ch2

C or Centre or Center or 3 or ch3

Ls or leftsurround or 4 or ch4

Rs or rightsurround or 5 or ch5

LFE or Sub or 6 or ch6

Lside or rearleft or rl or leftback or 7 or ch7

Rside or rearright or rr or rightback or8 or ch8

9 or ch9

10 or ch10

11 or ch11

12 or ch12

13 or ch13

14 or ch14

15 or ch15

16 or ch16






Left Surround

Right Surround


Left Side

Right Side

Output 9

Output 10

Output 11

Output 12

Output 13

Output 14

Output 15

Output 16


Choose up or down to be opposite from previous up or down fade / transparency