External Control Commands

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External Control Commands

See the installed C:\Program Files\7thSense\Delta\Helpfiles\ExternalControlHelp.html for the full list (or access via DeltaGUI menu, Help > External Control), or on our Support Portal.

This is a set of built-in English-language commands, allowing an external serial or Telnet controller to control the timeline. You can also add custom events to the timeline which output strings on the external control COM port / Telnet port.

To specify a timeline for a command, add TL=X where X is the timeline in the range 1-32 or use R to specify the Reserve timeline. You can also use TL=ALL to specify all timelines.

In addition, by using View > Timeline Names, you can give a unique name to each timeline, this shows in DeltaGUI and you can also use TL=myname to address a specific timeline.

Commands > Master Rack

Commands > Master or Slave Rack

Return Codes

Troubleshooting External Control