Appendix B: Licensing the Server

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Appendix B: Licensing the Server

Delta is licensed software, using a physical USB Key or disk based licence, which is locked to the physical hardware of the Delta PC. This Key is supplied by 7thSense.

To license a Delta PC (if not already done by 7thSense):

Install Delta using the setup.exe supplied

Insert the USB Delta Key into USB port.

Microsoft Windows

Run the setupdrv.exe supplied for Blue dongles.

Install the dongle in a USB port – the driver should be found automatically.

An unlicensed Delta system will continue to run, but certain features are disabled, and you won’t be able to save a Delta file.

Note that DeltaGUI does not require a license, only the server, so you can run DeltaGUI from any PC.

Updating the Licence

An update code can be obtained from 7thSense to add features remotely through email.

To update the USB licence, from the DeltaServer dialog menu, choose About > Update Licence:

The emailed code should be copied into the Change Code edit box and then press [Make Changes] – any errors will be shown below.

Note that to obtain an update code, you will need to send the Dongle Number and Update Number to 7thSense – these are shown above or in the About > About Server dialog.