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There are several ways to interact with a Delta Media Server, or a network of Delta Media Servers.

As a Windows device, some operations will be via the desktop, and of course the box switches, buttons and ports.

As a server, some control is available via the front panel

This is replicated in an interactive web page in the Stack web interface.

DeltaMonitor is a utility that manages the front panel of the server it is on, including network connections and graphic settings. This also has a link to the Stack web interface, which offers more control than the DeltaMonitor application.

The Stack web interface gives much more, including an overview of all Delta Media Servers on a network, and a facility to backup and restore any server. From here, the activity of any server can be seen and managed remotely. The following parts of this Guide will help you in each approach:

Delta Media Server Front Panel


Stack Web Interface

Shutting down a Delta Media Server

As an example of this flexibility, we are sometimes asked: what is the best way of properly shutting down a Delta Media Server?

Delta Media Server runs on Microsoft Windows. As such, it requires that the server is properly shut down to prevent the operating system image and hardware from becoming corrupt. This can be done in one of several ways:

Initiate a standard Windows shut-down from the Start Menu

Press (do not hold) the power button on the front of the server once

Call the shutdown_pc command within Delta Media Server via an internal sequence or external control (see DeltaGUI sequence editor or external control help documentation) [available for Delta Media Server v2.0.5 beta or 2.1.x release or later]

Initiate a shut-down from the Stack web interface (available at http://[serverIP]/ws, with default user name = admin; password = admin). Click on the Control option on the left side menu and select Shutdown Server.