7thSense Product Outlines

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7thSense Product Outlines

Delta Media Server

A range of top-specification servers, further customised to the user’s requirement, designed specifically for ultimate performance with 7thSense software.


DeltaServer is the software that runs on each Delta Media Server to coordinate all resources and devices, and play back media shows.


This module manages the Delta Media Server front panel, network connections and graphics system.


This module provides a common interface to audio devices.


Delta’s graphical user interface is typically run on a separate control PC. It is where displays are configured, shows are constructed, and servers, networks and devices are controlled.


This is a licence-limited edition of the full DeltaServer and DeltaGUI software, designed for use by show creators on a lower-spec PC. Show files created offline can then be played back on Delta Media Servers.


DeltaRealTime merges the high-fidelity playback of pre-rendered media with real-time interactive assets from Unity or Unreal, to create real-time high fidelity, interactive full-depth 3D scenes. Effects of lighting, blooming, shading and occlusion are handled by the dynamic compositing in the Delta Media Server.

Change Delta User Expiry

A utility that allows users to add an additional layer of security on top of their Delta License. A user can add an expiry date, or make their licence permanent. The process creates a custom update code to be entered into Delta.

BackPack Media Distribution

BackPack is a DeltaGUI utility for networked server environments, to distribute files and folders to Delta servers via the DeltaMonitor module resident on each server.

Stack (the Delta Web Interface)

Stack is our web browser-based user interface that allows full interaction with a network of Delta Media Servers and associated resources. Stack is installed on all Delta servers along with a series of core modules:


Provides detailed server information across the network, including status, channel configuration and live preview of each server.

Backup and Restore

Servers can be backed up individually, or multiple servers set to back up simultaneously. Single servers can be restored in full or in part, from backup, and multiple servers can be set to restore in full or in part, from a single backup file.


The web interface to DeltaMonitor (access to server front panel controls, networking, and graphics).


Create custom control interfaces for remote shows, using drag and drop widgets.


A flexible scheduling capability that allows sequences (Delta macro programs) to be scheduled and run at pre-defined times, dates and intervals, in accordance with show requirements.


A fully-documented HTTP API for discovering and interacting with Delta Media Servers over a local network. It contains a PHP SDK library to integrate control of Delta Media Server directly into PHP applications with hosting capabilities on the server, and provides an add-on framework for developing fully customisable web extensions including user interfaces and interactive web resources.


StackCaptioning is an optional module in the Stack web interface, which provides automatic audio and/or visual captioning for rides and attractions, on Android devices: tablets, smart glasses, or similar mobile devices.


Another add-on to the Stack core modules in which simple playlist sequences can be configured and run on a Delta Media Server via the Stack web interface. StackExpress shows can be built and saved, replayed, or used simply in real-time.


An advanced content management system and digital signage management solution. Designed for large-format digital signage, live event and paid display installations that have critical needs for timing, content delivery and management, recording and reporting.

Other Delta Utilities


7thConnect is a real-time I/O manager and external show control builder, designed to allow for node-based, drag-and-drop visual programming. This application builder offers real-time control of Delta from many popular I/O devices such as Kinect®, Leap Motion®, Phidget® I/O devices and TCPIP.


7TH / STH, TGA and DPX movie files can be viewed frame by frame using 7thMovieViewer.

Juggler and Compere


Juggler is a highly modular FPGA-based pixel processor, providing the highest hardware performance and efficiency, combined with ultimate connectivity. It is specified according to application, with a very wide choice of input and output options: DisplayPort™ 1.2, HDMI™ 2.0, SDI, and with Video over IP in development. The Juggler system can process a data bandwidth of approximately 14 GB/s. As an example, that equates to a canvas size of 16K × 4K at 60 fps 10-bit 4:4:4.

The configuration of a particular Juggler module will optimise use of the available bandwidth according to requirement, and the Juggler concept is one of tremendous flexibility. Modules can be daisy-chained via a high-speed box-to-box fibre-optic link, to expand I/O type and capacity. Juggler can also display all inputs via an NDI thumbnail matrix on the front panel.


Compere (pronounced ‘KOM pair’) is the software system that manages all Juggler connections in a ‘stage set’ (we call it the Project Group), defines inputs, outputs and manages displays. A version of Compere runs in every Juggler on a Linux OS that drives the front panel touch display and communicates with the FPGA.

Compere provides the user interface (UI) for an entire Juggler system. Here you create the Project Groups of Jugglers and configure all the inputs, processing and outputs of each Juggler involved. Media inputs can be moved around the fibre-optic bus, failover contingency built in, and output diaply layout dynamically managed. All group activity can then be addressed via external control from multiple network points.